Inclusive Employee Development

Our internal talent marketplace connects your hidden talent with managers and mentors across the company.

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Internal Talent Marketplace

Publish Career Opportunities

Enable your employees to find career development opportunities across your organization.

Empower Self Organization

Empower your organization to self-organize and discover each other's hidden talents. 

Diversity & Inclusion Scaled

Measure and promote inclusive access to internal career development and job opportunities.

Match People with Opportunity

Match talent based on the skills they have and the career development they're looking for. Connect the people who can help each other move their careers forward.

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Hit Your Diversity & Inclusion Objectives 

Gigsy provides the tools that allow you to move the needle by measuring and taking action on the daily career changing opportunities (stretch assignments, mentorships etc.) being handed out every day.

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Your Humans are Leaving

People leave because they aren't being given the career development opportunities they need. It doesn't always have to be a promotion. With Gigsy, you can create an internal ecosystem of career development opportunities.

More Features

Hands-on Training

Post opportunities for hands-on experiences available across your organization or targeted to specific groups.

Continuous Feedback

Enable continuous performance feedback and time logging.

Dashboards & Reports

Measure participation and results by department and demographic segments.

Access Controls

Manage who can post, approve and apply for opportunities.

Any Device

Access Gigsy from any device, anywhere.


Integrated into industry leading HRIS systems to support rich recommendations and reporting capabilities.

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